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a bit about Beamish:

Registered body technique: Beamish Bodymind Balancing


Uniquely developed and designed by Mr. Beamish for dancers and non-dancers alike, as an aid to dance technique and rehabilitation from dance and sport injuries. A gentle movement technique which reshapes and revitalises the whole body through a series of exercises using body weight and isometric pressure to obtain maximum elasticity, line and strength.

A former soloist with Atterballeto, Beamish danced all over Europe with many major ballet companies and toured extensively internationally with La Scala Opera House. He was Alessandra Ferri’s personal trainer and coach for thirteen years until her retirement in 2007.  He traveled with her working with her partners in class and rehearsals for her major roles.
Other major stars who have solicited Beamish’s training include Evelyn Hart, Maximilian Guerra, Tamara Rojo, Manuel José Carreño, Robert Tewsley, Roberto Bolle, and Polina Semionova. 
His protégés have won medals at the major competitions: Varna, Helsinki, Jackson, and Lausanne.  
Among the companies with which Beamish has been associated are La Scala Ballet, English National Ballet, NDT, Ballet de Nancy, Finnish National Ballet, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, Companía Nacional de Mexico and Teatro Colón in Argentina.

The work continues on, Beamish left a legacy of teaching techniques that are held by a group of teachers that studied with him over the last 10-30 years of his life before passing. They have formed training courses that offer workshops in the Beamish Bodymind Balancing technique. Please feel free to contact them through the form on the Contact page of this site.

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